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      1. Ceramic Diesel and Gasoline Particulate Filters | Ceramic Particulate Emissions Control Technologies | Corning

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        Corning Ceramic Particulate Filter

        Ceramic Particulate Filters

        Ceramic Particulate Filters

        Monolithic Design and Advanced Material Compositions for Emissions Control

        Light-Duty and Heavy-Duty Particulate Filters for Diesel and Gasoline Systems

        Light-Duty and Heavy-Duty Particulate Filters for Diesel and Gasoline Systems

        Corning? DuraTrap??particulate filters offer monolithic design and advanced material compositions to optimize pressure drop, filtration efficiency, durability, and system cost. These particulate filters are designed to trap soot, or particulate matter, from diesel or gasoline exhaust emissions in a variety of light-duty and heavy-duty applications. Alternate channels are plugged to force exhaust through the pores of cell walls, leaving behind soot particles that are too large.

        Light-Duty Diesel Systems

        Corning? DuraTrap? AT LP & HP Filters
        For proven performance

        Corning’s aluminum titanate (AT) filters combine a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) with high heat capacity to deliver important benefits. Our signature monolithic design offers flexibility in meeting customer requirements.

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        Light-Duty Gasoline Systems

        Corning? DuraTrap? GC Filters
        For reduced particulate number emissions

        Corning's gasoline cordierite filters feature GDI-optimized compositions to meet filtration efficiency, wash coat loading, and pressure drop needs.

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        Heavy-Duty Diesel Systems

        Corning? DuraTrap? AT & AC Filters
        Up to the sootiest of challenges

        Corning’s heavy-duty filters have stood the test of time in millions of vehicles, growing more effective with each new generation. As global regulations for particulates tighten, Corning's portfolio of heavy-duty diesel filters can help meet even the most stringent standards.

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